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Our Story

When our founder and CEO, Hoyin Cheung, would leave an online meeting, he couldn't shake the feeling that he just couldn't connect with people in the same way that he could connect with someone at a physical event.

So he asked himself a simple question: What's stopping us from cultivating online relationships that are every bit as deep, meaningful, and enriching as relationships that develop in-person?

Just like everyone else, we are true believers in meaningful, authentic human interactions. But, we don’t believe that going online means sacrificing all those things, but rather enhancing them without any physical space limitations.

Since working as a remote team in 2019, no tool ever came close to keeping us engaged, productive, and connected. Hence, we knew that we had to build one for ourselves.

And that's why we created Remo - an interactive, online platform aiming to build authentic relationships that give you the thrill and experience of being physically present. 

From freedom of movement to customizable floor plans, we aim to replicate the wow factor and the human elements of a physical event as much as possible, and we can't wait for you to experience and explore the endless possibilities with us!

Which brings us to...

The Remo Revolution Community

The Remo Revolution Community is a vibrant online space for Virtual Event Hosts to gather and exchange ideas, best practices, and experiences about running awesome online events. 

Everyone's welcome in the community, even if you're not a Remo user. Our idea is to bring Hosts, like yourselves, together to share your unique experiences, incredible discoveries, and helpful tips from how you've hosted online events in the past. 

Think of us like your digital co-working space, online database, support group and idea incubator all in one. From your vastly experienced and friendly Event Hosts, insightful courses and time-saving tips and tricks, we'll arm you with the confidence and knowledge to make your next Virtual Event your best one to date.

What to Expect?


  • 🎓 Exclusive access to Remo’s live community events, from topic-based masterclasses to enjoyable trivia nights that you can’t find elsewhere 

  • 📂 Recommended integrations & resources specially curated by top Event Hosts to step up your virtual event game

  • 🎉 Be the first to know about new Remo launches, sales, announcements and updates


  • 💭 Swap stories, discoveries, and ideas about hosting online events and using Remo with seasoned Event Hosts around the world

  • 🤍 Start insightful conversations with fellow Community members who share similar interests in dedicated spaces 

  • 💡Find answers to all your questions from expert fellow members and knowledgeable community moderators 24/7

Through the exclusive resources and support that the Remo Revolution Community provides, our ultimate goal is to help you create jaw-dropping Virtual Events that wows your guests from start to finish. 

A Little Teaser

If there's one thing all Event Hosts can agree on, it's that Guest Preparation is very challenging but unbelievably crucial to an event's success. But how can you successfully prepare your guests for your event - no matter if they registered weeks ahead or just found out about it 15 minutes before the start? 

Here's what Katrina, Remo's Trainer and Event Enhancement Specialist, has to say about Guest Preparation.


📺 Access hundreds more videos & resources just like this when you join the Remo Revolution Community

What Community Members are saying

You get what you give

"Alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much"
- Helen Keller

Just like you, everyone else in the community hopes to gain something out of their investment. So, apart from obtaining resources and learning from others, should you discover any tips and tricks or figure out solutions to a question posted on your feed, share them with others! 

After all, the best way to learn, is to teach, right?

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Just like how one simple question can prompt Hoyin to create Remo, the right question can transform your Virtual Event. Who knows? Someone else might have previously encountered the problem you're currently facing.

Join the Remo Revolution Community today to find instant answers to all your Virtual Event-related questions.